Forgive me – but is fiverr


Forgive me – but is fiverr the best place to advertise expensive professional services? I don’t use it myself because I assumed it was full of students and people with a b it of spare time?

Like Jack, very little of our work is editing – in fact, the consumer’s impression on editing is that it’s done in a computer so should be quick, and therefore cheap. From time to time we say yes (usually if work is a bit slack) and usually regret it. One job we worked on for a while was a multi camera music shoot – all the material supplied. After three days, we’d just about got the material in, in the correct order and synced. The client wanted to know if it was done? We’re just about to start the edit now, it’s taken three days because you gave us so much material – as in something like 10 hours worth of running time. Then the dreaded “money’s a bit tight, how much …..”. We had told him time was expensive, and had given him examples of how much this would cost. Clearly he had not understood. But the show was only 2 x 45 minute sets? Even if you double that that’s only 3 hours or so? So far we’re 20 odd hours in. He asked us to edit the first song so he could tell if it was a goer as a project. We did. That three minutes from the day the material arrived took nearly 27 hours of work. When told how much he was into the project for, he baulked and has done a runner. He’s not avoiding us, he says, just misunderstood how much he’d need to set aside to pay for it.

Still, I have three nice external drives if he really does vanish.

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