For your price range the R


For your price range the RodeNTG-1 or 2 are the way to go. The NTG-1 is a little bit cheaper but runs on Phantom power only. If your camera does not supply phantom power make sure you get the NTG-2 which allows battery and phantom power.


EDIT- I just checked at B&H and the NTG-2 is on sale for the same price as the NTG-1. Check it out. Click on the “Email me a better price” link and it comes down $20.

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The best lights for video production — 2021

Lighting needs run the gamut, from huge budget productions to small, DIY vloggers, and there’s something for every niche. This article will explain what to think about before buying lights and provide a list of the best video lights currently on the market.