For your budget, a used GL


For your budget, a used GL-2 (or GL-1) would be the way to go. Be VERY careful buying used XL series cameras-a lot of online shops cannibalize the units, and they’ll only sell you the camera body, not the lense, battery, charger, or anything else that comes with the unit new, or that you’d need to even just use the unit.

I found a Used GL-2 online for $1500, and there are cheaper ones out there to be found.

There are cheaper 3CCD cameras out there, that will give you a good picture. I saw one from JVC for around $800 brand new. Watch out for JVC, though, as I’ve had a couple JVC cameras freak out on me in the past.

You get what you pay for. Keep in mind that if you’re doing any pans and tilts, you’ll want a good tripod too, which could easily cost half your budget.

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