For whatever purpose you n


For whatever purpose you need to serve, if it involves getting the word out, attracting people of interest or interested people, gaining eyeballs, bringing in followers πŸ™‚ then marketing plays a major role in the success of your efforts – for profit, business or the winning of souls.

My dad is minister of The Called Out Church in Center, Texas. Years ago we developed a LONG video outlining the focus, purpose and intent of the church, church philosophy (Biblically based, if you will) that dad intended to distribute and share. Things took a different direction and we never really connected to editing it down to a controllable size, but it was effective to a degree the short time he utilized it.

This wasn’t something to make money, bring in revenue via contributions, or even realize a monetary value – it was intended to generate interest in, support for, and possibly church growth in terms of membership/congregation.

So, yes, a marketing focus even for YOUR purposes is vital and important to the success of your ministry efforts.

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