For what it’s worth, I hav


For what it’s worth, I have the hc1, which is the lil’ bro the a1u.
The video is outstanding.
I get around the audio differences (between the a1u and the hc1) by running a rode mic and a sony wireless lav into a homemade splitter/switch box that allows me to lay either mic onto both audio tracs, or one each (in mono) onto each audio track.

I rent the a1u when needed, and use the hc1 for most other things. (my rig cost about $1000.00 less than the a1u, and NOBODY can look at one of my weddings and tell which shots were with which camera!)

The a1u should do great, but some people tell me the z1u does film like 24 frames/sec footage better, and low light better.

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