For what it is worth Fora


For what it is worth Fora dot tv seems to be a middle man of some sort. It looks like they obtain video shot by someone else and post it on their site. It looks like they deal with talented shooters but I didn’t get the impression that they actual produced any of it.

Where are you located? Most metropolitan areas have associations for videographers so try doing a search (online)in the area you plan to be and you should get a variety of results. I will agree that this is a pretty tall order which ever route you take. If you do it yourself you are faced with a good sized learning curve in video/audio capture and post production. Also factor in the time it will take you do it. It sounds like a seasoned pro might have their hands full let alone some one with little to no knowledge of the workflow. And if you decide to hire out I will just say that in most cases you get what you pay for.

Good luck either way.


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