For weddings, three camera


For weddings, three cameras are a "must" for a really professional job.

Ok, normaly I agree with you 99% of the time Hank but, I think I need to say something about this. This is something that is stated quite frequently on these boards and I feel we may be discouraging new wedding videographers by telling them they can’t do a professional job unless they have three cameras. In the town I work and live there is a professional videographer who has been in the business for 15 years and one of his basic packages that sells for about $1,200 he uses only one camer and does a great professional job. I have seen demos from other that use only one camera and they do a great job as well. Could they do better if they had more cameras? Certainly, but it doesn’t mean they can’t turn out a good if not great, professinal wedding video using one camera. When I first started out I used only one camera.( I still can only afford to use two now) But, I let people know that and I charged them accordingly. If they wanted to pay more to someone else that used more cameras that was fine. The most important thing that I think is overlooked when starting out is that when you have to use one camera, you can’t mess up! Every shot has to be just right. BUT, because of this, you learn to be a better camera person. You don’t have another camera to catch that shot if you miss. Sure this can be seen as a negative, but like I said it also makes you a better videographer. Anyway, sorry for the rant I just wanted to voice my opion, that yes, we would all love to have three camera at every wedding BUT, don’t feel that it’s a neccessity when getting started. Use one camera if thats all you can afford, learn the ropes, charge accordingly, and then move on up.

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