For weddings, sports and


For weddings, sports and events, I recommend a camcorder such as the new 4K JVC GY-HM200 for a little less than $2450.  This camera fits within your budget and has the XLR inputs, built-in NDs, SDI out, zebras and dual card recording you expect from a pro camera – features missing from cameras like the GH3 or GH4 without expensive add-on accessories.



Nice review of the HM200 from Rick Young at Movie Machine here:





4K beauty shots here (please select 2160p and watch at your monitor's highest resolution):





I rented the HM200's big brother (the Super 35, interchangeable lens JVC GY-LS300last weekend and these cameras produce terrific image quality for the price.


As Rick says in the video, because of the efficient compression, it records to affordable cards and it edits easily.


After renting the camera, I am still planning to buy it.


As a second camera, you might want to pick up something like this $650 open box 4K Panasonic FZ1000 for B-roll and second angles.


Here's what this little camera can do:












Hope this is helpful and welcome back!



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