For Vegas, I use the “AVCH


For Vegas, I use the “AVCHD 1920×1080-60i” preset. This renders it to m2ts, which is the blu ray stream (you wont need to re-render the video when loading it into a BD compiling program like DVD-A), but you can also do JUST the video stream if you do the “Blu-ray 1920×1080-60i, 16 Mbps video stream” and it will render the video only .avc file. I prefer the .m2ts route as it saves a copy of the audio with the video stream for easy access backup, HOWEVER, when you compile a blu-ray, you SHOULD ALWAYS render out the audio separately as an ac3-pro file and replace that as the audio stream when building your disc. This way your audio will not have to be re-rendered when compiling, and you have full control over keeping it as pure as possible.

If you want to keep a high quality master copy on your hard disc, render as a .mxf file (35 MB/s VBR, or 50MB/s CBR).

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