For two wireless mics, $30


For two wireless mics, $300 won’t get you anything significantly better than your onboard camera mic, sadly. I typically budget a minimum of $300 per mic, honestly.

If you’re willing to up your budget a little but, I bought the Azden 200ULT about a year and a half ago, and I love it. It’s two wireless lapel mics, a receiver, and the best part of all, it mounts directly to your camcorder and plugs directly into your microphone jack, thus saving you the need for a mixing board, etc. Your onboard level controls on the gl-2 will be perfect. The one and only downside: It’s not a true diversity unit, so you have a better chance for audio dropout. But honestly, in the several dozen weddings I’ve done with this model, I’ve never had a problem myself.

I did a quick google search, and the cheapest one I found was $530, not including the shipping. But I can say from experience, this is a great mic. Plus, it has over 60 different channels to pick from, so even in a big sity, you won’t have a problem avoiding interference.

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