For TWO? I’m not sure how


For TWO? I’m not sure how GREAT of a quality you’ll come up with, but your choices are among SONY, Samson, Azden … or possibly consideration of cheaper wireless brands like Radio Shack in conjunction with using ZOOM standalone recorders to actually RECEIVE the signals. You’ll need separate channels, obviously, if wanting to use them together in one location.

The price starts escalating when you insist on using two simultaneously because you’re probably going to need something in the true diversity arena and that costs probably MORE for even ONE than your stated budget for two.

ONE of my Azden units alone cost way more than your stated budget for two (I purchased two) and my SONY UWP-V6 system cost me around $800-$900 for just one. Both systems are built like tanks and serve up quality.

I’ve used cheaper Samson and Radio Shack models but have been seriously unhappy with the results … and WAY too much signal corruption.

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