For those of you in Austra


For those of you in Australia, i watched a police show called Blue Heelers. Good local show, thier radio comms side of things was spot on, proper callsigns and protocol etc, anyway, it got to the stage in that show that i had to stop watching it, there was camera movement all over the place, the first time i noticed it i sort of fell back into the plot, but after a while i couldn’t stop noticing it and eventually i was so annoyed and remarking about it all the time to my partner i had to stop watching the show. Really pissed me off because it was a good show. Anyway, i think after a while they realised because it wasn’t so bad after a few weeks or months.

Question, why does a film in the cinema seem to blur at high motion scenes such as fighting etc (transformers is one that comes to mind). Is it me or the way the cinema is set up or is it cheap equipment or “that’s the way it is”.

I am getting a tour of the local Cinema hopefully very soon. Can’t wait!!! I would love to get some sort of job there….


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