For those of us that do so


For those of us that do some extreme video, how about getting some of the helmet cams and test those. Since we’re on the subject, I’m installing some hi-tech web cams on a fire look-out tower in a few days. Since I do the “extreme work”, I got volunteered to do this. It would be interesting to have some articles on the latest and greatest web video cameras. I know this isn’t a regular category, but video production work is always changing. In reality, Videomaker could be 10 times thicker and still not cover all the bases. Today, I’m taping a new kind of water canon that shreds vegitation that needs to be removed for fire control. A couple weeks ago, I was strapped into an ejection seat doing air-to-air work. I guess what I really need is a publication on “out of the box” video production.
Some articles on how videographers shoot some of these extreme videos would be a pleasant change. Just watch some of the wild mountain bike videos and you’ll see what I mean. My 16 year old is into extreme mountain biking, so I have see a few of these- awesome stuff!

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