for the render problem, th


for the render problem,

the blue dot on the effect are because you need to render it before playback. Your CPU cant manage to play the effect live. There is2 reason for that.

1- Your CPU can plya some effect in real time like mix, color correction ( maybe )

2- You can change the quality playback, its a small icon beside your trim mode, edit mode, color correction mode. This icon can be set a 3 different level,

yellow = best cpu performance, ugly video playback in your avid monitor,

half yellow and green = good to work you have the best of both world

full green = max resolution playback

The more resolution playback = harder for cpu to generate your effect in live. Your cpu in full green need to render everything before the playback,

Like the same effect in yellow will play nice whit no render in playback, but in green will ask you to render it before.

But before export, render enverything, put a in and a out to select all your sequence , go to clip? and then click on render in/out.

For the mouse problem ….

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