For the kind of work you’r


For the kind of work you’re describing, one camera is probably enough. If you were shooting weddings and stage productions I’d recommend two, but only occasionally will you run into an interview or conference situation in which two cameras are essential.Moreover, clients often don’t want to pay for a second camera or for the extra editing time a second camera introduces.

As to which camera to buy, I can’t address this, not having purchased a camera recently. However, there are certain features that are a must, regardless of which camera you choose. These include the ability for you to use headphones and an external mic. The camera should have manual controls for white balance, iris, gain, audio levels, focus and neutral density filters and should have steady shot capability.

Given what you plan to shoot, I’d reserve some of that money to purchase a good wireless microphone system, too, as you’ll need this for interviews and conference recording.

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