**For sync up multiple camera


**For sync up multiple camera angles, I’d suggest trying out PluralEyes (http://pluraleyes.com).
And if you’re just shooting on 1 camera, check out DreamSync (http://dreamsyncapp.com). It’s not as cumbersome or expensive as PluralEyes and gets the job done for smaller quick projects. 

**There’s acutally an app called DreamSync, a standalone application that’s built for the novice user as well as professionals. It syncs your footage and audio into one single clip so that it can then be imported into applications like iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, or any other editing suite. 

The DreamSync Blog

Both apps are effective depending on your editing workflow and how much (or little) time you want to dedicate to learning another interface for syncing audio/video footage.  

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