For some reason I can’t ge


For some reason I can’t get a screenshot of the paused video but here are a few frame grabs of a DVD disc image I created in AVI best quality full screen mpeg2 encoding.

I’ve tried rendering in multiple formats and ever single one is grainy.

I’ve tried creating a DVD disc image (as well as burning multiple DVD’s) at best quality, Dolby Digital 2-channel audio, 8500 kbits per sec, w/ & w/out progressive re-encoding, w/ & w/out always re-encoding entire movie, w/ & w/out hardware acceleration enabled, etc.

I’ve tried creating many different file types: WMA Hight Quality NTSC, DVD compatible mpeg2 full size best quality variable vbr 7400 kbps, AVI best quality using every compression codec possible (and even tried rendering uncompressed frames).

At first I would burn a DVD every time to test it. Then I got sick of that and began creating disc images and playing them with a basic dvd player called Zoom Player.

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