For some of my projects I


For some of my projects I will have to match the SD footage, but I’m also shooting a race team and will likely exclusively shoot with HD once I get it. Right now it will mostly be web content (the mixed footage).

I need a camera with focus/zoom rings as I do a lot of critical focus/DOF shots. So the Canon HFS-100 and the like aren’t really an option.

In my research browsing, I just came across this rig:

Pretty slick- and very small! Perfect for mounting my race car. Looks like it’s only in Japan right now. Just contacted my buddy that lives there to see if he can locate one to check it out.

I think I now understand the 1080 p vs. i now. Thanks for that. So it looks like Canon is out of the picture, as I can’t find any that record at 1080p. Unless I’m missing something. (cams that have manual focus/zoom/iris rings)

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