For me the most important


For me the most important question before upgrading or changing editing platforms is this: what will new software do that the software or software version I’m using now isn’t currently doing? Many people upgrade each time a new version of their software comes on sale, whether or not there’s any real need for it and this doesn’t make much sense.

Sony Vegas is an excellent video editing program, exceptionally strong in its sound editing capabilities as well. Adobe Premiere is also a fine editing program, with the added strength of support from many linked programs such as Photoshop and After Effects. Sony Vegas is purchased outright for a one-time charge, while Adobe Premiere is “rented” via a monthly fee, with additional rental charges for its ancillary programs.

But before buying either, look carefully at reviews, user manuals and You Tube tutorials with an eye to discovering how compatible these programs are with your camera files, what their work flow is like, and whether you think you’ll be comfortable using the tools they provide. You might discover, for example, that Sony’s Movie Studio is all the program you’ll need for the kind of work you’re doing, rather than the much more expensive full-blown Sony Vegas. Since the interfaces are virtually identical you can easily upgrade as your editing demands increase.

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