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For me the length of the wedding video completely depends on the type of wedding I’m filming. Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, chinese or other Asian weddings tend to are usually 3-5 hours in length. Church or Catholic weddings would be approx. 2 hours long. Civil weddings are less than this.

The main ceremony and speeches are always included and a 15-20 min montage of the day. Asian wedding videos are considerably longer because they have lots of dancing added to the DVD’s and the wedding ceremonies can be up to 2 hours long. But my main sections are edited right down to make them watchable and interesting. Too much footage can be dull. What goes into the video is at my discretion with the rest available for purchase on a hard Drive.

I always make sure the wedding dvd has a chaptered menu so that the couple can navigate through their wedding video nice and easily. If they want to watch full sections or highlights then they can choose easily.

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