“For instance if you are e


“For instance if you are encoding to a finished size of 857×480 try 856 or 854×480 instead.”

This is a good idea, especially if you’re exporting forthe webusing various deliverableformats (h.264, x.264, wmv, flv) however, there are some limitations that one should know about:

Many encoders will just squeeze the whole video (including the line of distortion) to fit in the new desired size. To avoid this, I would generally just import my footage into a smallercustomized project size to begin with and then just export from there…Also, in order to eliminate a horizontal line, you’d have to modify the width rather than length…so it would be something like 720×476 if your original footage is 720×480.

The main limitation however is that if you want to make a standard DVD, some programs like encore only accept standard DVD format resolutions like 720×480,therefore a custom resolution like 720×476 will not work….the same thing holds true if you want to export a DV file as well.

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