For fair haired people I’d


For fair haired people I’d probably add a yellow tint with gel – but as to the actual lamp specs? Distance is the killer. It needs to match the other light, and as we don’t know what they are how can we guess? the rubbish choice we now have in the UK now domestic tungsten are gone is very limited. If I had to use a domestic reflector, then I’d be looking for bright – but 60W tungsten halogen sources are the only common ones in domestic fittings. I’d consider maybe a 150W reflector lamp. Not for the reflector, but because it’s now our only way to get brighter sources as they are considered non-domestic. I’ve always been a fan of bright lighting to let the lens shut down to a sensible aperture, so my backlighting is always 500W minimum, or the new LED equivalent (whatever that is this week)

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