For anyone who is wonderin


For anyone who is wondering, my shoot went really well. The set up was a harp solo, a harp trio, a solo voice w/piano, a trio voice w/french horns and a harp. I was really overwhelmed.

However, I put a wireless microphone into the harp for the harp solos (which was half of the show), I also purchased the H2 recommended here and just sat it in the front at the 120 degree setting. The family I was doing this for said, “You know this isn’t being broadcast, it’s just for us to have.” I thought that was funny considering the hours I thought thinking about it.

I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the H2. I thought I would get a step above my camera mic, but it sounds like a professional recorded it..which I guess I am ;0, but as I stated I normally do corporate videos in a very controlled environment.

I am actually thinking maybe I will expand my business into this sort of thing..not huge concerts but small recitals…not sure. I am very pleased though!

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