For anyone still curious:


For anyone still curious:

I have talked with tech support from Promise Tech, the makers of the IDE card I’m using. They stated that the transfer rate is not guaranteed with optical drives. They do NOT test their products with optical devices. This is the root of my slow burning performance.

They did however recommend using SATA optical burners with their SATA controller card for the performance I’m looking for. I have not heard of SATA DVD burners but with a small amount of research, they DO EXIST. Up to 4 SATA burners can be connected to their card with great speed.

I guess the long and short of it all is that a home made duplicator is very possible with the right components. I was so close yet not quite close enough. I am still getting 10 discs per hour with 2 burning at what appears to be 1X and the other 2 burning at 4X. If I set the faster ones to 8x I can increase the total to closer to 16 per hour. Thats still not bad. I can live with this for now.

Anyone interested in building their own duplicator can use my findings and make necessary changes to accomplish it.

At least I now know why the 2 are slow.

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