For an example, lets say t


For an example, lets say there is a talent standing in the middle of a neighborhood, the camera is moving, and I wanted to place a robot behind the talent and/or trees.

For that, you will not want Photoshop, it would be next to impossible. You will need After Effects for that. For example, I just did a clip today with a moving camera. Two actors were running with a lightsaber keyed in behind a tree and a car. After you get footage of the robot or whatever(it would have to be greenscreened or similar), in After Effects you can place that on top of the original footage. Then you can keyframe it, so that the robot will be in the same position in each frame. Then you can add masks to the robot layer and keyframe those – which is like making parts of the robot invisible when a tree or person would be in front of it. And you will have to go frame by frame for the best result, I really know of no other way.

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