For a limited budget, heres a


For a limited budget, heres a list of some cameras and handycams, wich will suit you the best for your purpose:

Canon PowerShot G7 X
Fujifilm X30
Canon VIXIA HF R700

Theres so many options, myself i had a sony 220e handycam wich performed nicely on low light stages and concerts, tough sony handycams under 500Euros or dollars can be pretty noisy sometimes, and the focus keep searching light. Depends alot of the environment. On a stage with lights behind pretty good, on indoors pretty grainny……
If you have alot of light where you going to shoot i would recommend as brands sony or panasonic, any of those low budget handycams work pretty well, and have a great sound also. If you looking for something better those 3 up there work pretty well. . However im a professional, im not an expert. Currently i work with canon on a bigger budget.

All those 3 cameras have a lifetime bat duration aprox of 2 hours. I advice also using good SD cards, especially on those cameras. SDHC class 10s always – 30minimum MB/S to 95MB/S cards will make all diference in what you shoot. Dont be shy when buying cards.

To finish this post all ive to say is, i would always choose a handycam over a photography camera for video. For multiple reasons, everyone has their own tastes. πŸ˜‰

Hope i was helpfull.


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