For 3d Models try 3d cafe.


For 3d Models try 3d cafe. Also just search for Free 3d models in Google. Good luck in finding what your looking for though. I say this because first off decent Free 3d models are few and far between not to mention that if you do find them it will not be a bryce file as not many people use this software. Second correct me if i am wrong here but it does not sound like you have much experience with 3d and let me tell you even for someone who can usually pick up a piece of software and use it well without having to learn much. 3d is hard and requires lots of time to learn how to animate and light and model. Not to even think about the compositing or texturing. Two of my co-workers have Masters Degrees in 3d and computer arts and still have alot to learn. Some bullets and stuff like that would not be too bad, but a effects sequence like what it sounds like your trying to accomplish requires teams of very skilled people or alot of time. I am not trying to say that you and your friends can’t do it. I hope you can achieve your ideas for the project but I am afraid that it will be much more work than you think it might be. Spybart, Looks great I look forward to seeing the final project. Birdcat, Spybart can correct me if i am wrong but it looks like Trapcodes shine plugin along with Adobe After Effects or potentially the light ray plug in adobe includes with AE.

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