for $1500 I’d be looking a


for $1500 I’d be looking at adding a 23 inch cinema display to my macbook pro, maxing out the ram on my macbook pro and buying up some lacie or buffalo firewire harddrives….

or getting a 24 inch imac and a couple gigs of ram.

I stick with final cut.

If you start your own business, and you take your profits and reinvest them in yourself/ your staff….you can maintian your student status while reducing your taxload by actually going back to school to “upgrade” your skills every couple years. (I went back to school as a college student just to prove to myself I could. ( I have learning disabilities, was self taught and started my own business with nothing, not even grade nine.) My photography instructor still sends work my way, when he’s booked (he runs a business, as well as instructs), and my marketing proffessor assured me when he retires (due to conflict of interest policies) he’s going to call me about some joint ventures.

So be a student, use a student licence. Save on taxes. Use the money you save on taxes to buy the newest versions. Be honest. Sleep well at night. Did I mention save on taxes?

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