Folding Easy Clothing


Folding Easy Clothing

Everyone can not fold clothes. Because it is hard. But try folding like the video. You’ll see it’s really easy. It’s pretty fast at the same time.

Headache and almond

According to a research, magnesium in the almond content is relieving the veins and protecting the body from the headache. If you have trouble with headaches, you can try almonds. You can also use it in other foods that contain magnesium. It does not hurt to try.

Egg yolk separation

A practical solution for those who have trouble isolating the egg yolk. Gently press on the center of an empty bottle and close it to the egg yolk. Then leave the place where you press the air current will pull it into the bottle. You can easily separate it in this way.

Carbonate and Lemon

If your teeth are yellow, squeeze half of the lemon juice over 1 teaspoon of carbon. Fill the foam with a mixture of water and carbon. Crawl your teeth with the help of cotton. Wait for two minutes and shake. You will see your teeth whiten.

Pushing the wrong piece in the elevator

If you mistakenly pressed the other floors in the elevator and you want to stop in those floors there is a solution. If you press the wrong number twice in a row, you will see that the number is canceled.

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