FNG Wrote:I am currently u


FNG Wrote:

I am currently using after effects pro 6.5 and have been having a problem with exporting avi files from AE into Premier pro. Export works fine, then once i export from premier pro to say dvd or another avi file after editing the picture quality is terrible. Its very boxy and pixely(Not sure if they are words, but they describe my problem).

First of all, don’t blame the poor computer. It’s only doing what it’s told based on how it was set up by…. I hate to say it YOU! πŸ˜€

The slang term for the boxy/pixely effect is called “Artifacts”.

You’re kind of losing me here so you need to be more specific. You are saying that when you bring in a AVI file from AE into PP, you have no trouble with picture quality during editing and everything looks fine. That I understand.

I get lost where you say you export an AVI or a DVD file from PP and you have major picture quality issues. First of all if you have the settings setup correctly, exporting a simple final AVI file from PP should be a piece of cake. That should NOT have any artifacts because you’re not preforming any hardcore compressing. If you have artifacts from exporting a simple AVI movie something is not right.

Now exporting to DVD or using Adobe’s Media encoder to make an MPEG file is a different story. There I could see having artifacts which is usually a sign of improper or poor compression settings.

Can you clearify your problems a little better?


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