Fly on the wall = surveill


Fly on the wall = surveillance camera and IMHO documentary production was never intended to be spy-cam or fly on the wall, but rather was intended to convey a story about a person, event, place or thing or some plural derivative of the same. Will a documentary be unbiased. No way! If you want unbiased read your dictionary, and even then I sometimes wonder if the meanings cannot be somewhat skewed.

Documentary does not mean objective, unbiased “just the facts ma’am” video production, writing or audio. It simply brings about a focus on the intended subject, nothing more. Documentaries can attempt to change person’s mind, bring about a person’s awareness, or support a person’s viewpoint/opinion.

The “truth” in documentary production is that it almost always presents some facts that would otherwise go unknown, or uncover aspects of an event or subject that were otherwise not public knowledge. All documentaries are essentially, as Rob notes, editorials reflecting the producer’s POV or perspective.

If there are “lies” in some facet of documentary production it would be the BS that is otherwise referred to as a “reality” production. IMHO a true “reality” show would require a fly on the wall perspective with NO direction, no interaction between the people with the camera(s) or the folks tellling them when to shoot or where to point the lens. Reality is reality, what REALLY happened, and that simply isn’t what this particular genre depicts. I would suspect that reality programming is much more misleading and lies oriented than the predominance of documentary productions.

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