Flogonojo…Using a SanDis


Flogonojo…Using a SanDisk MicroMate card reader, I can transfer files from the SD card to the computer, for a movie that is 10 minutes long, in about 10 minutes. Because the AVCHD files are so compressed, it does take some time to transfer them to my Mac.

Once I’ve transferred my files to the Mac, I then have to convert the files in VoltaicHD and it does take some time too, depending on the size of the video clip. For example, I had a 16-minute video clip that took just shy of 30-minutes to be converted to a .MOV file.

I know you directed your question to NormanWilllis, but I thought I’d jump in, just in case anyone with the Canon Vixia HF10 and a non-Intel chip Mac reads this post.

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