Firstoff,I hope yourgoingt


Firstoff,I hope yourgoingto put a CPUinthatthing! :-PIwould suggesta quad-core because itshould help yourrendertimes (most editing softwareis atleast dualcore, and newer versions will certainly support morecoresiftheydon’t already).

Youaregoingtoneedto get a XP Pro 64-bitto be ableto addressall thatmemory.

Iwouldrecomend you lookinto RAIDcards.If you RAID usingthe motherboardcontroller, you are almost always tiedto thatcontroller,so youcan’teasily movetheraidto adifferentmachine (and if your motherboard dies, youhaveto get the exactsame motherboardas areplacementto access yourraid).Thisis probablygoingto cost you atleast 300for a decent one.The nicething aboutit, however,is thatany qualityraidcardwill accept 4-6 drivesat a minimum so you can expand your RAID at a later time (neweggcarries onecard thatcan accept 24 drives… but Idon’tthink you wantto spend $1k on a RAID card :-P).

Idon’tknow which editing software youuse, but Avidrequires an nVidiacardand suggeststheir Quadro FXcards (workstationcards). Workstationcards are designedtotakerender load, butI alwaysthoughtit was moreforthingslike 3D modeling (Maya or AutoCAD),soIdon’tknowifthiswill actuallyhelp you.Both nVidia and AMDhavegood offeringsasfarasvideocards (bothin the desktop “gaming”marketand workstationmarket),so I’lllet you decide which oneis bestfor you.

Other than that, I highlysuggest the Dell 2408WFP monitor.It’s a 24″ 8-bit monitorso youare dealingwith true 16.7 millioncolors (as opposedtoa 6-bit monitor which can technically only do approx 262 thousand colors and using dithering techniques mimic 16.2 million colors). All in all, it doesn’t matter which size/brand you get, but I strongly suggest you get an 8-bit panel. I suggest the Dell because I have it and love it and even the uncalibrated delta E is quite minimal. πŸ™‚

Now, if your goingtohave that muchresolution, youalso might wantto lookinto a laser mouseif youdon’thave one already.Thesearen’tthesameas optical mice-theyare moresensativeso youwill be ableto move the mouselessto travel thesamedistance.Iusea Microsoft Sidewinder mouseandcan befound on Ebayfor about $25, but this is a “gaming” mouse, so you might want to look at a more “normal” mouse.

Mylast question, andalsothe mostimportant- whatpower supplyto you plantouse? Withoutknowing your CPU and GPUchoices,Iwould say you’ll probably want at a very minimuma 650Wandalways a trusted brand (Seasonic, Silverstone, PC Power & Cooling, higherend Thermaltakes).Letmeknow yourCPU/GPU choiceandIcanhelpmake sure you getthepower youneed.Remember, youwouldn’tbuy acorvette and putregulargasinit,sodon’trun yourcomputer on a crappypowersupply! πŸ™‚

Hopethis helps,letme knowif youhaveany questions.

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