First to XTR-91: No… dur


First to XTR-91: No… during recording, say of a 2-hr event, the AVCHD SR-11/12 records in only 2GB segments, and then produces a gap of a few seconds to sort of mess up continuity before continuing its recording operation. The camcorder was never turned off or lets you know this is happening….it just records in segments, which you discover when you place the clips on the timeline to edit.

Now for Birdcat : The good news is I just found the lost application that solves this problem of joining the segments. It is called …. MTSMERGE.exe A great way to input all the 2-GB segments and the FREE app nicely links them together into one clip, which of course in shooting, was the intention all along. So that would seem to solve the segmentation problem. I plan on getting into editing that long one tomorrow, and I’ll get back if I discover any problems. BTW, some HD camcorders do this segmentation-recording in 4-GB segs, but either way, when doing long form video editing, that needs to be continuous, that little habit is a real nuisance. So merging the clips is a real necessity.

But back to the M2T file conversion, I really need to see if that conversion codec is available in CS5 Encoder, because every filter or cosmetic correction I add now to the MTS video stream takes “forever” to render, compared to good ole’ DV. So much complexity here, that it is difficult to even scrub thru the clip before rendering. Hence, if a different file is going to be easier to edit, and we can still retain original resolution and clarity, etc. – that should be a good way to go.

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