First time poster:


First time poster:
I have a Canon camcorder Vixia HF R300. I record in AVCHD. The recording is automatically chopped into 20-minute segments. The Canon manual [page 135] states:
“With the supplied software … Transfer Utility (HF R300 only) you can also choose to save complete stories from the gallery. In such case, all the scenes in the story will be merged and saved as a single video file.”
I tried this, but it just saved each segment as an MTS file of approx 20-minute duration into the same file folder. It did not merge the segments into a “single video file”.
Am I not understanding something? Does the phrase “complete stories from the gallery” NOT refer to the multiple 20-min segments? Does it really mean multiple separate recordings – and NOT multiple MTS segments of one “continuous” recording activity?
If anyone has actually figured out how to use the Canon camcorder with its Transfer Utility software on a Windows computer in a way that results in all the (MTS) segments merged into one continuous AVCHD video, I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide!

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