First things first that se


First things first that setup is basically the same as the one i am currently using. I have 8gb of ram though and have smaller but more drives for my data.

first problem i see with your setup, is you have 2 separate hard drives for your os programs and editing programs. this actually slows down your computer. Ideally what you should do is have a small drive like say 250gb for your os and programs ( editing programs included) and then have a separate drive for your raw video files and project files on one, media cache on another, exports for a third and finally a large drive to put backups onto as well as a secondary external for a 2nd backup.

definitely if you have the option, go solid state for your raw video as the write speed will be greatly improved, as for exporting and rendering this will speed it up noticeably. everything else can just be regular drives and maybe after each project just move it from the video drive, to your 2 backup 1 terabyte drives. Hope this helps

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