"First thing, Thanks


"First thing, Thanks for your thoughts and I agree it was full of mistakes. I guess you missed where I listed the song title, author and their "copyright" information."

unless you have their expressed written permission you can not use their work.

For a video like this, its one thing, but if you ever get into much more, you could get into a lot of trouble for using copyrighted work. even if you give credit to the original artist. Im not saying ive never done it, both of my previous two movies have all copyrighted music in them, but i just share them with friends and family. the project im working on now i hope to sell and am using all royalty free music.

Another note on vegas..its a big program, most of which you will never use, i dont use half of it. the best way to learn is to just play with it, get a lot of video together and see what all of the features do.

Dont worry about having used the flashy effects at this point, its natural to see something shiny and want to play with it. I did this a lot in my first film too. but i’m sure you will soon see you will perfer straight cuts, i did, and i hardly use anything else not.

Keep up the good work.

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