First, the Optura 20 has a


First, the Optura 20 has a very good picture from what I hear, and the processor on your computer is fast enough considering I’m using a PIII 1.0 GHz PC that I built. the question is, how much HDD space have you got, and how much memory. These are important items. I probably don’t have to tell you that the more the better. The last job I did took up my 120GB HD on my computer plus another 30GB on my wifes over the network. Granted, it was ten years of Christmas in Mexico, but you really need to think about what you’ll really be doing. I started out thinking like you, and would up editing otherpeoples home video’s, and making DVD’s, and VHS tapes for them. I’ve also archived several home video tapes for people digitally so they could keep their old video’s from deteriorating.

Bottom line… Event videography can be just the beginning. theirs legal video (depositions, etc…), and a whole slew of other stuff out there.

You really do have a pretty good start on the equipment, but if you’re fairly new to the idea of event videography, I suggest watching some of your friends video’s, and sneaking into a few weddings (carefully,and don’t make a scene if they ask you to leave, It’s happened to me). Watch the ceremony, think about where you’d like to have a camera/cameras, and get a feel for it. and above all, practice, practice, practice.

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