First see if you have thi


First see if you have this problem if you are viewing the tape normally in the camera…not connected to FCP.

That was the first thing I tried to make sure of when I was trouble shooting. Indeed, the tape worked FINE when Iplayed the tape alone when not connected to FCP.

And try both cameras. I know you don’t want to wear out the heads of your VX, but once in a while wont hurt.

When I played the tape in the original camera, it worked fine a majority of the time. Occaissionally there would be time code issues. Most of the time it happens during the first few minutes of a tape…When it happens.

When I played the tape in the secondary camera, it would stall and created errors. When it didn’t create errors, the downloaded video would have choppy sound.

In summary, itoccurs rarely with the original camera (or type of camera since I have 3 VX2100’s… it works the same in all three as long as the tape was recorded from the 2100). But the video recorded from the 2100 will not work without problems in the secondary camera (Samsung).

As a test, I did record some video on the Samsung and try to download it and it worked fine. So I think that it may just be that the video from the pro camera wasn’t compatible with the different brand. I have heard of this happening before. One brand not working with another.

Trashing the preferences.

Honestly, I have never diverged from the default capture settings. But I will try this, but first… will this mess with any important preferences in the editing, or is this just the stuff that is easy to reset?

Thank for the info.

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