First poster here who has


First poster here who has a billion questions but will try and narrow them down to a few. I am an aspiring filmaker who for the past two years has been trying to decide on what fim school or course to take as I have been looking at digital film production courses. They are all ridiculously expensive and was wondering if any of these 3 month intesive courses (like NYFA, Digital Film Acadamy) are worthwhile for the beginner. I have taught myself to use NLE platforms like ADOBE PREMIERE PRO(Not to its full potential), PINNACLE, ULEAD etc… but would like to learn and hopefully master F CUT PRO as well as learnig camera and lighting techniques.
I understand if no one can reply to the above because after reading I am not asking a straightforward question. Here is one more defined and to the point. I have been gifted a dream oppurtunity in a month to go shoot a documentary(lets say mock for now) on a rare African tribe with a one of the worlds experts(on the tribe). I don’t have a camera as I have been using my stepfathers home video camera for my own little projects. I want to go semi pro or pro and have been on the hunt for the past weeks without sleep. Everyone recommends this or that, "don’t buy this". The main problem lies in my budget which I started off at $600 and now am willing to spend $1,300(just means I will eat less for a while). I am looking at used Sony VX DCR1000, VX 2000, PD150, 170 etc…. from companies like B & H. Is this a good move. I am based in Italy there seems to be no place in Europe where yopu can get good deals. Anyway, hopefully a few of you are still awake at this point and can give me advice. Thanks.

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