First off, I would like to


First off,

I would like to say I have almost the same question as PerCapitaSmile and thanks to BarefootMedia for the advice on shooting stages and preformances. I will be shooting live preformance musical acts so I dont have any worries about the sound as I will be getting digital sound direct from the line out of the mixing board.

I have done some preliminary test vids on my Panasonic GV 3 ccd camera and can not get any kind of acceptable results. The 3 ccd modles are the best natural light cameras I have ever seen but they seem to need too much light for any kind of indoor shooting. I have a JVC but it also dosn’t do that good of a job either.

So I guess what I’m asking for is there anybody who has shot stage preformances and has gotten really good results and if so what modle camera were you using?

Thanks for any help,


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