First off you will never g


First off you will never get the raited speed for anything. This is a nominal speed. The nominal speed for the pcmcia card is 132MBs so if the nominal for sata is 1500Mbs and a Byte is 8bits then the nominal for sata in MB is 187.5MBs. Then The sata standard is faster than the PCMCIA bus but still not faster than most actual Hard drive speeds. In the end this will give you more bandwith but if the PC is not fast enough to handle the extra bandwith then it is a mute point. My recomendation would be to compare prices on a firewire drive (which you already have a FW port i assume) and the cost of upgrading to the SATA interface. Honistly I doubt you will notice a difference in speed between a FireWire drive and a SATA drive unless a. you were using a laptop with the new express card slot (which would be faster than the SATA spec) and b. your computer was fast enough to actually utilize the extra bandwith.

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