first off, you are talking


first off, you are talking about monitor “Outputs” not “Inputs”. most good graphics cards have dual output and fall within two categories: ATI Radeon series or Nvidia GeForce series. Nvidia doesn’t make its own cards, just the chips and it sets the specs so there are a bunch of different manufacturers who make Nvidia cards.

Personally i’ve liked Nvidia stuff better because ATI seems to add some really annoying software and it hasn’t been as easy to setup as my Nvidia stuff… but i haven’t bought a new graphics card in a couple years, mind you (and i’m using a Matrox card cureently anyway, my second comp has an Nvidia in it).

your best bet is to check out sites like or and look at their selection. try to find ones that fit around your budget area and do a search on google or something for that model, see if anyone has written a review. i know there have been a number of reviews that i’ve read on graphics cards especially PCI-e models.

for graphics cards, don’t skimp, but you don’t need something super expensive. there won’t be issues with compatability with Premiere, most likely, since the program doesn’t care too much about what’s putting the stuff on teh screen, just be careful of using too cheap of a card. you want something good enough to give you good color reproduction and other stuff like that.

as far as watching your video on it, that depends. some cards might let you have a 3rd monitor as a preview type monitor, but its debatable how good that will work. one benefit you have is that you have a nice, new system. you can probably just plug in a video camera to the firewire and a TV into the camera and watch your stuff that way. one option might be getting a firewire D/A converter like the Canopus ADVC110
which will let you plug a TV and VCR into it for analog input and output.

another option is an analog capture card that does input and output, but these can get costly depending on what you’re looking to do, especially with a PCI-e setup (though i imagine that your system has standard PCI slots as well).

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