First of all, the latest v


First of all, the latest version of Premiere is CS3 (Pro 3). Premiere Pro 7 does NOT exist. If its version 7, its NOT pro. In fact, Premiere went from 6.5 to Pro 1. Again, if its version 7, its probably elements. Premiere Pro didn’t exist 6 years ago either. Since we don’t know what encoder your using, its hard to walk you through anything.

MPEG1 is what you want. If its playing back choppy, make sure your frame size is 320×240. 6 minutes should MOST DEFINITELY be under 100Mb. For audio setting, mono would be best. (YouTube will make your audio mono anyways).

By the way, if you open a directors account on youtube, the 10 minute/100Mb file limit is removed.

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