First of all… I think al


First of all… I think all of you who do weddings are nuts! Dealing with crazed brides to be? EEeek sounds like a nightmare; more power to ya!

Anyways, regarding the software; personally I started with Premiere Pro, worked my way up to Pro 2.0. I like the software, but it’s a little overwealming at first to learn all the different interfaces, and I still haven’t made good use of what they call Dynamic Linking.

Price does come into play with the Adobe products, fortunately I have an I.T. Dept. behind me for the $$$.

Bottom line is, whatever YOU feel comfortable using! Mac., P.C. … doesn’t make a bit of difference! the END RESULT is VIDEO. Doesn’t really matter how you get there. My opinion at least, I’m sure there are tons more out there.

Good luck with your chioce. πŸ™‚

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