First of all, full HD is 1


First of all, full HD is 1920×1080. HDV is limited to 1440×1080.

I would recommend that anytime you need to take footage and eventually make it to a dvd, that you shoot in the highest resolution possible. So, in your case, shooting in HDV and then converting to SD will look better than originally shooting in SD and keeping in SD. You are starting with more information with the HDV footage before compressing it to a standard dvd.

Also, you have to remember that footage shot in full HD on a commercial camera will usually always look better than anything shot on HDV, as it is starting with more information than HDV.

What I would recommend, is that if you can find someone one here that you trust and know that has an HDV camcorder……have them shoot some footage in HDV and then send you just a normal SD DVD of the footage and let you judge for yourself.

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