First, my excuses for my

AvatarKevin Koobs

First, my excuses for my English. I'm from Holland, but trying to improve. I'm in the same position as you are, but already searching for a longer period. My advice is: search for single components on the web and assemble the whole thing on your own. Youtube has some great vids for that. 


On the hardware: An intel i7 is highly recommended, because they have this feature called HyperThreading. It makes 4 cores look like 8, which results in faster rendertimes in theory. I also learned that a videocard isn't the most necessary of all, because rendering en editing will ask much power from your processor. 


At last, a SSD-drive is much better than 1 TB HDD. The ultimate is a combination of the two of course. 240 GB will do for you, if you only put your editing software + windows on it.  

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