First let me say that I fi


First let me say that I figured outhow to export as an AVI. I just wasn’t paying attention in the menus.

Why do I want this work around?

Because many people don’t have Quicktime installed on their computers. And if they do, it is an older version. And people don’t like to download things. Unfortunately when a video does not work the first time, people won’t stick around to figure it out, it will just be on to the next site with working video?

Well I found a workaround for my original question. Here is what I finally ended up doing:

1. I render the video to an AVI file in FCP.
2. Through my network, I transfer the file to my Windoze computer.
3. In Windows movie maker, I render the video as a WMV. (I can set the file size as well)
4. Then I place it on my website. Easy as that.

The most time consuming part is the transfer from one computer to the next. Which isn’t really that long. Especially if you have a good Windows computer.

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