First let me say I am NOT


First let me say I am NOT a wedding videographer – I am a serious hobbyist that does video at work occasionally and volunteers doing stuff for NPO’s (quite a few lately).

I have done one wedding for a friend who wasn’t going to have video if I didn’t do it and while I shot it with one camera, I was able to get tapes from another guest (I didn’t use them however). It came out fine but I spent about 8 hours with the B&G (mostly the bride) that day shadowing them as they prepared, then another 6 or so at the ceremony and reception plus another couple of hours doing a post wedding interview a couple of months later. All told, I had about eight hours of videotape which I edited down to about 1.75 hours of final product (about 1.5 hours of my video plus photos and other stuff for the remainder).

I also did my own wedding (had two friends with our camcorders plus one on a tripod for the ceremony). It’s like the cobbler’s children, however, and I am not done cutting that 1.5 years out.

Ok – To my point – Is the one camera shoot possible? – Yes – Would it have been better with two or more cameras? – Definitely!

Just make sure you get all the requisite shots and remember to shoot to edit (get lots of footage). Also, see if you or the editor can make arrangements with one or both of the photogs to allow you to use their work in the video – It can add a lot and don’t forget to use the "Ken Burns" effect as well as other things the NLE can help with (read nice effects like rotoscoping, filters, etc…).

Also, there are some great assets you can get (links below) to help make the final product much more professional looking.

Good Luck.

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