First I am trying to find


First I am trying to find out what typically would be a good ratio for gear in this scenario.

Red Epic is tempting, but it might be overkill…but would be fun! Not sure exactly when the Scarlet will be ready, I would think about that route and get a couple of them for far less than $80,000 and still have some $ left over for lenses. I am a little disappointed that all the videos on the Scarlett were estimating it to premiere at around $6k, but looks to be closer to $10k.

EX1 would be ok, but I would think that would be too similar to my Z5s, and would would probably want something with a little more cinematic feel? NEX-FS100 or an F3 anyone have opinions on those? The scarlet would actually come in cheaper than the F3. Maybe a mix of a good broadcast quality cam and a cinematic cam?

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